Event: Service Resilience Conference 2019
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Join us for our first-ever Service Resilience Conference at The British Library in London on Thursday 14th November 2019.

Building a resilient service team isn’t just about maintaining robust processes or having a good disaster recovery plan. Resilience is also a mindset or skill that helps you bounce back from setbacks; the ability of your people to cope with everyday life in a service desk environment.

Working in a service environment can be a rollercoaster of highs and lows and, even if you consider yourself to be a happy person, it is inevitable that you will encounter challenges at some point. Building resilience is the key to turning these challenges into successes.

All of us have the power to develop a resilient mindset and, just like a muscle, it needs to be conditioned and strengthened every single day. This event has been designed with this in mind and throughout the day you will hear from leading experts in the field of resilience as well as service desk professionals sharing their stories in creating a resilient service.

Why should you attend?

The conference opens with a world-class keynote from Chimp Management - the psychologists behind the Great Britain cycling team who rode to success in the 2012 Olympics - and will be followed by some brilliant speakers who will leave you brimming with new ideas to return back to your service desk with.

Building resilience is the key to turning challenges into successes.

During the day we will uncover the psychology of resilience, how to lead resilient teams and be a resilient leader, dealing with volatile situations, new ways of working using Agile methodologies to bring cross-functional teams together, business relationship management and creating resilient services from scratch. 


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